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Short Courses

Courses to help you get to where you want to be with your music!

Feel More Confident! (Free Confidence Course For Musicians)

If you would like to build your confidence, you can do so in the comfort of your own home first with this life changing course. Without confidence, your skills mean nothing so this is perhaps the most important aspect of being a musician to get right! Take 6 weeks for you, to work on yourself and make a change for real. Ryan has guided school students with extreme low self-esteem to become confident performers getting A-grades, and has helped many older students with regrets and fear get past their self-imposed blocks. Important - if you want to make a change you must do the tasks set out in this course. Includes specialised exercises handed down from the worlds best minds in personal growth, and inspirational examples of amazing musicians who have overcome huge odds. If action is applied this course is an absolute game changer! Take action now!



Make Your Living From Music!

In Ryans short course for aspiring musicians you are taught the skills to have a successful career in the music industry and do what it is that you really want to do for a living! The Make Your Living From Music course opens your awareness to session playing, teaching and sharing your knowledge with others, and even includes exercises to guide you towards making $1000 in one day just from your music! Train yourself to 'learn better' and acquire habits of professional musicians. This is a must for all artists who are serious about making their living from music!

Smash Songwriters Block!

Discover the secrets of professional songwriters and transform your results to a more professional level with this amazing songwriting course! The course is set over 5 weeks and includes simple videos, audio downloads and downloadable pdf's of each task so that you can learn whichever method you prefer. After the 5 weeks you will feel more accomplished as a songwriter and will naturally be writing more, with fresh ideas and creative inspiration. To express yourself in better ways and feel more professional with your songwriting sign up now!

Music Organization Workshop!

Ryan has worked with some of the best in the music industry, from Grammy winning producers to marketing gurus who have helped in multi-million selling campaigns. In this brilliant course he saves you from years of struggle by showing you ways to find help quickly and easily. It's not enough to just know what companies to contact - you must know the right person to contact at those companies. All is explained here, plus you will learn how to raise your value so that you can be a respected member of the industry.Get access to the knowledge-sharing exercise that made a big impact on Ryan in his own life, plus find ways to get the contact details of powerful record labels and managers quickly! 

Time Management For Musicians!

Do you feel overwhelmed? Are you too busy to find time for your playing or perhaps don't know where to start anymore? Get behind the steering wheel again and feel more balanced and in control by learning how double your results while you gain free time! As you become more successful things don't magically slow down, so managing your career to feel like things are working for you is crucial. In this course you will learn the three approaches that Ryan recommends in teaching, practicing and organising events, and you will see how Ryan used these techniques to successfully write a book, lead a band, teach students, create an interview series, make a music festival, go on tour and be a musician all at the same time!
Gain the skills needed to use beneficial resources, and learn awesome tips for making music releases and planning tours easier! Finally feel more in control and don't feel overwhelmed anymore - get the Time Management short course to help you!