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Premium Course

Simply one of the best courses on guitar playing available!!!



With Use Your Buzz to Play the Guitar - an amazing course that combines PERSONAL GROWTH with GUITAR CREATIVITY!


  •  Are you learning the guitar but want to get more creative?
  • Do you want to develop your OWN unique sound? 
  • Do you want to learn the SECRETS of the WORLDS BEST thinkers to give you success in ALL areas of your life?
  • MOST IMPORTANTLY, would you like to FEEL better about your guitar playing? 


I’m Ryan Kershaw, I’m an international musician and author of “Use Your Buzz To Play The Guitar”. 
I have taught thousands of guitarists from all over the world and many have gone on to find success as musicians and guitar teachers themselves.  

Things haven’t always been easy. 
In my own life, I have overcome many obstacles such as depression, lack of confidence, financial hardship and much more, to get where I am today. I realised that just being good on an instrument, will not automatically make you FEEL good about your playing. 
It was through investing in myself and learning from the works of great personal growth teachers such as Jack Canfield and Bob Proctor that I was able to overcome my lack of confidence. 
I now feel great about my guitar playing and have made it my life’s mission to help other guitarists who are going through their own struggles. 
I’m really excited to bring you my new course. In the “Use Your Buzz Beginners Course” I share with you the ways to think to unlock your creativity and keep your passion for learning music alive! 
You will be introduced to the field of personal growth and learn the lessons that I have learned as a student directly from the world leaders in personal growth. 
Learn as fast as YOU want! Make the change now and you will also get: 

  •  Instructional videos with tasks based on the lessons in “Use Your Buzz” 
  •  Three One-on-One Skype calls with me personally to ask me ANYTHING YOU WANT and guide you through the course. 
  •  A FREE copy of “Use Your Buzz To Play The Guitar” – the worlds first book to combine personal growth with guitar creativity. 
  •  FREE e-book which breaks 10 guitar playing myths
  •  FREE posters to help you with learning the notes of the fretboard and a your guitar playing GOALS
  •  Interviews with renowned guitarists and guitar teachers
  •  BONUS resources to keep you inspired and accelerating towards success
  •  Keep the course FOREVER so you can always come back to it when you need a bit of extra help!


Invest in yourself! Make a positive change in your life and improve your playing NOW.  
I am SO passionate about the benefits of this course that I give you my PERSONAL GUARANTEE and if you aren't satisfied with the course you will get your money back. 
I take pride in helping students and am not into selling B.S !!!  Click Below for Your Free Sample Now!