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Ryan Kershaw is a successful musician, author, speaker and music educator originally from New Zealand. He has overcome challenges both personally and professionally and now helps other musicians from around the world.



Although in bands since he was 12, it is now that Ryans name is growing in the U.K and the United States for his signature guitar playing. His music crosses genres – the Little Green Dragon e.p is full of Rock and Blues, ‘Yesterday’s Gone’ is a stripped back acoustic album, ‘Round Her Little Finger’ is 60’s inspired and catchy, and The Buzz Tapes are purely experimental, psychedelic and raw.  What does thread them all together though are clever lyrics reflecting what has been a very interesting ride through big dreams, big losses, substance abuse, poor mental health, and coming out the other side to influence and change not just his own life but the life of many other musicians. His live version of the Hendrix classic ‘Voodoo Child’ has become a crowd favourite, and his creativity can be heard in his famous track imitating the sound of Dolphin calls and Whale sonar!



Ryan is the author of Use Your Buzz to Play the Guitar, which is the world’s first book to combine the fields of Personal Growth and Music Education. He has studied under world leaders in Personal Growth, Jack Canfield and Bob Proctor and now uses this specialized knowledge combined with years of teaching music, to help musicians through his writing. He is a columnist for Audioculture, Muzic.net.nz and the Guitar Association of New Zealand



Ryan started teaching guitar at the age of 15, and has taught thousands of students from all walks of life. During his one-on-one teaching years 100% of his students undertaking exams passed with ‘Excellence’ marks and also went on to become successful musicians in their own right –touring, recording and teaching. 

Ryan still teaches through his workshops and amazing online courses. Get in touch if you are a guitarist that needs help - any age, any level. 



Having been through most trials and tribulations that come with being a musician, Ryan knows first hand how hard it can be. He has given advice to many music teachers, managers, musicians and music industry hopefuls and professionals from all over the world. Get in touch now to have a consultation and feel back on track again. Subject to availability.