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Music video page of recording artist Ryan Kershaw!


Ryan's friend at eastsidetattoo.co.nz asked for some custom music for his site, and wanted something resembling dolphin/whale sonar, or some mellow kinda stuff. So a few years back Ryan made this using a guitar. No effects apart from delay on one or two picks, and a bit of reverb.


The Buzz Tapes are a collection of psychedelic home demos recorded on a 4-track cassette machine from Ryans teenage years. This track is 'Climbing back From Descent' and represents the cognition of the mind when going through challenges and trying to overcome thinking negatively.


Ryan's cover of Apache originally by the Shadows. Performed live on Television with Alan Thomas on rhythm guitar. Watch out for Ryan's unique stamp on the song, using a Wah Pedal and E-bow.


'15 Shots O' Whiskey' from the 'Little Green Dragon' ep. Photography by Grant Stantiall.



Track one from the Lunar Sea e.p. The Lunar Sea was a duo project in which Ryan teamed up with friend Jimmy Holifield (Wychhound) to re-record 3 songs from Kershaws 'Yesterday's Gone' album, plus two new tracks at the time - 'Instrumental' and 'Lady Green'


Recorded at York St Studios with Martin Kemble (drums) and Lee Steele (bass) formerly of Just One Fix.